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Printing Digital Scrapbook Layouts

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This tip works on any version of Photoshop including Elements. Similar programs will do similar things.

The question we get asked the most is "How can I print the scrapbook page when I'm finished?" You can print at home or at the photo lab. If you want to print 12x12 and you don't have a large format printer at home send it to the photo lab. You can also e-mail your pages or save them on a DVD to watch as a slide show.

How to prepare your picture for the photo lab
Save your layouts as a .jpg before you send your pictures to the photo lab. If your layout isn’t one of the normal sizes that the photo lab offers you will need to create the right size image for print. For example, if you want to print my favorite size, 8x8, you need to create a new document that is 8x10. Drag your scrapbook page on top and save as a .jpg. It should look like this when you are finished:


Note: Photo labs can print to the edge without a problem. I added a white border because that is the look I wanted not because I couldn’t print to the edge. Sometimes photo labs do crop your pictures shorter than they should so make sure to keep your text a ¼ of an inch away from the edge (or more).

After printing you simply chop off the unwanted white edge. Before you print you can add little pictures to print in the white space if you want. When printing a 12x12 you need to have your canvas at 12x18. I usually put two 6x6 layouts in the extra space. You can use the 6x6’s for gift albums.

Tip: I love creating things on a 4x6 inch canvas because you can print them off like a regular photo for CHEAP! I make my invitations and announcements that size then mount them on a solid piece of cardstock when I am done. They look so professional. If you want pre-made cards buy our Cards, Invitations and Announcements CD.

Printing at Home
Printers are so cheap right now it blows my mind. Even some of the cheapest printers print photo lab quality. Some people worry about the cost of ink but if you add the cost of the ink and paper and divide it by the number of pages you are able to print, you’ll find it is much cheaper to print your layouts digitally, than it is to create a scrapbook pages with paper and glue. The last time I checked I could print a full color 8.5 x 11” page for about a dollar. Other people have told me it’s more like $1.50 per page. Not bad!

Tip: If you are trying to print an 8.5x11 inch layout but your printer doesn’t print to the edge of the paper print it at 91% and you’ll be able to see the entire layout.

Tip: Always store your printer OFF. The print heads will dry up a lot slower if you do this. The longer you go between printing the more likely it is you’ll have to clean the print heads. Before printing I always do a nozzle check to make sure my printer colors will print properly. If the nozzle check has missing lines you need to clean the print heads. After cleaning do another nozzle check. Sometimes you need to clean the print heads multiple times before printing.

Note: I have an Epson printer – your printer (even if it’s a different Epson model) may not work the same so read your manual.

Tip: Before printing always tell your printer what type of paper you are using. You will have much better printing results if you do this. You do this by clicking on properties in the pop up menu you get when you are about to print. Again, you may have to read your printer’s manual. Never use plain paper. Always use photo quality paper if you want great results.

I usually print my pages and put them in an album with page protectors but you can do what you want. Another popular choice is sending all your pages off to be printed in a bound book. There are several companies that can do this for you.