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Creating Custom Brushes

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This tip applies to all versions of Photoshop including Elements. This tip will work in several other image-editing programs as well.

If you ever liked stamping with paper and ink you will love this trick. You can create custom brushes with any image.

  • 1) Decide on the picture or graphic you want to create into a brush.
  • 2) Your background should be white or transparent or it will show up as part of your brush.
  • 3) Select the rectangle marquee tool in your toolbox. Select around the area you want to make into a brush. If you want the entire image to be turned into a brush (as shown below) you can skip this step.

Custom Brushes

  • 4) Select Edit then Define Brush (or Define Brush Preset).
  • 5) You will get a box that looks like the one below. Enter in a name that will remind you where the original image was created so you can give proper credit when using your new brush on published pages (read terms of use for more information). Click OK and you are done!

Brush Name

To use your new brush, click on the brush tool in the toolbox. In the options bar click on the drop down menu that allows you to choose different brushes. Find your new brush at the bottom of the list and have fun! You can click and drag the brush to create a brush effect or click once on your page for more of a fun stamp effect.

Brushes Menu

Brush Stamps

Tip: You can use this new brush as an eraser too. Once it is saved as a brush it will also be saved as an eraser.